Restrictive Labour Laws directory


Title Jurisdiction Type of Legislation Datesort ascending

Maintenance of Railway Operations Act, 1995 (Bill C-77, March)

The Act ordered an end to a strike by railway employees of CN, CP and VIA, extended the expired collective agreement and appointed a Mediation-Arbitration Commission for each bargaining unit to be “guided by consideration of the economic viability of a coast-to-coast railway system”.

Federal Government Back to work - dispute sent to arbitration March 1995

West Coast Ports Operations Act, 1995 (Bill C-74, March)

The Act ended a strike of 500 ship and dock foremen of the Port of Vancouver, extended the collective agreement and provided for the appointment of a mediator-arbitrator.

Federal Government Back to work - dispute sent to arbitration March 1995

Public Education Labour Relations Act, 1994 (Bill 52, June)

The Act imposed a single province-wide collective bargaining system for teachers employed by public school boards.

British Columbia Restrictions on scope of bargaining June 1994

Compensation in the Public Sector Act, 1994 (Bill 52, June)

The Act imposed an immediate freeze on the wages and benefits of approximately 60,000 public sector employees; those employees making more than $25,000 a year were forced to take a permanent three percent wage rollback.  It also extended collective agreements for three years, suspending the right to bargain, strike or arbitrate over changes to the agreement for the same period

Nova Scotia Suspension of bargaining rights June 1994

Public Sector Compensation Restraint Act, 1994 (Bill C-18, June)

The Act extended the collective agreement of teachers employed in Yukon Territory for three years, suspending collective bargaining, froze compensation for the same period and further reduced wages by two percent effective January 1, 1995.

Federal Government Suspension of bargaining rights June 1994

Budget Implementation Act, 1994 (Bill C-17, June)

The Act extended the wage freeze for federal public service employees for two years, suspended provisions regarding pay increments and excluded all forms of collective bargaining by again amending the Public Sector Compensation Act, 1991.

Federal Government Suspension of bargaining rights June 1994

Labour Board Amalgamation Act, 1994 (Bill 1, May)

The Act amalgamated the Public Service Employee Relations Board with the Labour Relations Board and altered the Board’s powers, including giving the Chair of the Board the power to sit alone and summon witnesses if the parties did not object.

Alberta Restrictions on scope of bargaining May 1994

Public Sector Pay Reduction Act, 1994 (Bill 70, May)

The Act suspended collective bargaining for all public sector employees on all monetary terms in the public sector until May 1995 and rolled back wages by 7.5 percent on salaries above $28,000 and 3.75 percent on salaries below $28,000 for all public sector employees.

Prince Edward Island Suspension of bargaining rights May 1994

An Act to Amend the Industrial Relations Act, 1994 (Bill 47, April)

The Act gave employers the authority to request a ratification vote on their final offer in all sets of negotiations with unions representing private sector employees.

New Brunswick Restrictions on scope of bargaining April 1994

An Act to Amend the Labour Relations Act, 1994 (Bill 49, February)

The Act imposed the requirement of a certification vote in all organizing drives, even where 100 percent of workers signed union cards, and made a strike vote mandatory on the employer’s final offer.

Newfoundland and Labrador Restrictions on certification February 1994


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