Labour rights are Human rights

Labour Rights Under Attack

224 Restrictive labour laws

In the past three decades Canadians have seen a serious erosion of a fundamental and universal human right, their right to organize into a union and engage in full and free collective bargaining.  Federal and provincial governments have passed numerous labour laws since 1982 that have restricted, suspended or denied collective bargaining rights for Canadian workers.

89 ILO Complaints

Since 1982, Canada's record with respect to the number of complaints submitted to the International Labour Law’s (ILO) Freedom of Association Committee is one of the worst of all of the ILO’s 183 member States with unions in Canada filing more complaints than the national labour movements of any other country.


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This month in labour rights history

Daniel O’Donoghue, who is often referred to as the “Father of Canadian Labour” was the first labour representative to be elected to a Canadian legislature. An Ottawa printer, he was elected to the more...

January 18, 1874

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"Freedom of association is the most important of all freedoms. It is about equalizing power so that workers can engage in our democracy at an even level with employers and corporations.” more...

Paul Cavalluzzo, Senior Partner, Cavalluzzo Shilton McIntyre Cornish LLB,

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Draft a resolution

Draft and sponsor a resolution to your Federation of Labour or Labour Council condemning the use of labour laws that restrict or deny the fundamental rights of workers and proposing that progressive labour law reform be a central focus of labour’s political agenda.

Sign the Workers’ Bill of Rights

Since 2006, thousands, including all Federal Leaders of the Opposition, have signed a pledge to uphold workers rights.

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