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Conservatives' regressive anti-labour legislation repealed

"Repealing these bills shows that this government understands that strong unions matter. It understands that giving workers the freedom to join together and speak our minds freely is vital to the health and prosperity of our communities and our country." Larry Brown, NUPGE President

Ottawa (20 Oct. 2016) — "This is a major victory for working people in Canada," says Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).

Parliament recognizes value and rights of unions

OPSEU seeks remedy following landmark legal victory for education workers

This ruling helps to solidify the charter right to a meaningful process of collective bargaining.

Toronto (07 Oct. 2016) — In April 2016, a Superior Court decision found the Ontario government violated the charter rights of education workers. So what’s the remedy when a government violates your rights?

Unions begin negotiations to undo damage of Putting Student First legislation

Manitoba's labour movement supports open letter for increased minimum wage

“We are proud to support the MFL on this initiative, calling on the government to do the right thing and lift the freeze on minimum wage.” — Michelle Gawronsky, President Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union 
Winnipeg (3 Oct. 2016) —The minimum wage will increase in every province but two this year – Newfoundland and Labrador and Manitoba. That means that for the first time in nearly two decades the minimum wage in Manitoba will stay the same – despite steady cost of living increases.

Changing Workplaces Interim Report a sign of hope for precarious workers

"I’m glad to see that the government has heard the cries for change, and am hopeful that they will follow through with concrete actions to address the circumstances of precarious workers.” — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President
Toronto (02 August 2016) — The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) joined the larger labour movement in welcoming the release of the Interim Report from the Government of Ontario’s Changing Workplaces Review yesterday.

Unions matter to Canada because they built and are maintaining our middle class

Grandfather of the latest Why Unions Matter contest winner paid a heavy price for trying to start a union, but each generation since has benefited and prospered.

Ottawa (30 June 2016) — Like millions of other Canadians these days, Kathleen MacKillop has a good, stable job. It's the same story for many of her brothers and sisters, her mom and dad, her son, and a nephew. They all belong to unions, and so they can all enjoy a certain level of safety and security in their work lives.

'Relationship between unions and Indigenous Canadians is mutually beneficial'

Unions Matter contest winner understands that just as unions can help indigenous members, indigenous members can help their unions.
Ottawa (15 June 2016) — In the wake of the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Report, this year's National Aboriginal Day on June 21 has special signficance: it's time, finally, to acknowledge the damages done in the past, but also to celebrate the incredible potential the future holds for all people on this land.
Iman Mahmoud's Why Unions Matter contest submission hones in on the notion that equality and respect is good for all.


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